How to convert donor’s into consistent supporters of the charity?

As we know ‘Donor’ is someone who financially aids the charity and ‘Supporter’ is the person who will support your charity financially or non-financially or preferably both!

banner-newBy recruiting the long term Donors as reliable supporters for more duties assigned to them is important. Charity needs to ask its Donors for their maximum time than money , as it can increase their giving to the charity. Donors need to be attracted. There could be ways in which  donors could be drawn by  direct marketing techniques like: face 2 face talking, cold-telemarketing, SMS (whatsapp) activity which has proven to be 18% higher  than other strategies. There is a need to create lifetime values.

Databases of the donors, created with their updated achievements and contributions is a good practice along with legal compliance. By ‘appreciating’ what the Donors are giving to the non-profit organisation can boost their moral. Lets say, if they donate 100 GBP to the charity , they should feel good about it and charity should make sure their contributions are ‘Valued’ . A thank you note on how the charity has been benefitted can strengthen the relationship between the Donors and the charity. ‘People get more interested with acknowledgement and accreditation’.In

The ‘Retention‘ of the existing Donors can be done by engaging them actively for the cause of the existing charity ,let alone the money factor. Inducing the enthusiasm for ‘philanthropic support’ of wealthy individuals or corporate decision makers can work wonders. Donors who are easier to recruit and who can stay longer, charity has to start thinking of them as ‘supporters’ instead.Major Donors can provide in-kind support, at-cost services, expertise or at as influential Ambassadors for the charity.1217_charity-donation_1200x675

Furthermore, the first 4-5 months donors stay digitally active and also the ‘Attrition rate‘ of the donors who don’t join the network of charity’s group is 20% higher on average.

To create more loyalty amongst the modern day digitally-hopping donors, value creation by making them aware of the latest events of the charity and by sending them Newsletters can keep them engaged.More communication based campaigns with creative inputs should run, with important information highlighted in it. The efficient use of the existing database of Donors can be helpful to start conversations with them in order to make deep-rooted relationships and convert them to supporters.

The database security is crucial in order to fundraise  , set clear objectives , schedule the meetings, map the potential supporter journey for all the contacts. Which are the potential Donors who can devote themselves with extra responsibility to the charity.By weekly scheduling the meetings to see the number of conversion rate of Donors into supporters and what all measures were taken. So, mapping each journey of how an individual Donor became a regular supporter, what activities of interests he/she took up, what key areas were of utmost requirement and how they were approached. How the team building activities(ice-breakers, formal introductions, team lunches) are undertaken between the old supporters, Donors and the new ones. As in the end of the day a wholesome environment has to be provided for the Donor as he can be assessing the Charity’s ability to sustain in long run.



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